What is Your Favourite Day?

“What day is it, asked Pooh? It’s today, squeaked Piglet. My favourite day, said Pooh.”

Happy New Year everyone!! Imagine how you would feel about your life if you were to believe this about every day of your life, if you woke up each morning having this intention no matter what was going on. We all have the ability to choose how we feel, what level of energy we are going to take into our day and whether it is going to be our favourite day.

I know at the beginning of the holiday period I was looking forward to the family being around me. I enjoyed all the minutes I could, sharing our experiences together. Now that they’ve gone back to their own situations and I’m heading home to start the working part of 2016, I could allow myself to feel less than positive about that prospect. Or I can choose to be grateful for waking up again today, for all the other experiences and moments that I have attracted into my life. Am I perfect at this? No, I am human in each of those moments where I allow myself to behave with old outdated habitual responses and feelings. Each one of those ‘lapses’ can be a learning experience where I can start to recognise the triggers and choose to respond differently.

Enjoy living each favourite day!

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