What State is Your Thread of Connection?

“An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place and circumstance.  The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.”  Anon

I have also seen this quote as a ‘red invisible thread’ and has been quoted as a Chinese Proverb

No doubt you have heard people saying that we are all one.  We are all energetic beings and like electricity we are all connected, like cells of one body.  We can learn from each and every person who comes into our lives, especially if we are prepared to take note and pick up on the lesson.  Some of those who come into our lives are only there for a short time, others stay for the long haul.

I’m sure you’ve all had moments in your lives when someone or something has turned up in your life just at the right time.  A few years ago I heard of a couple who met & married.  When they were looking at old photos, they found photos she had taken on two separate situations where her husband was in the background.  At that point in time they hadn’t met.  She had the photos as proof, but I’m sure we all have stories that are similar.  Times when perhaps a person came into our lives at school and we didn’t see them again for years only to pick up a great friendship again later.  The examples go on.  In the same light there are others where we know the thread isn’t as strong, and we travel along different paths that never cross again.  Every connection we have had has helped to make us the person we are today, so it is important to be grateful for even the threads that stretch or tangle.

Enjoy the connections of your life!

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