What Steps Are You Taking Towards Success Today?

“The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.”  Mark Caine

Have you ever felt like things are just not working out the way you would like, or that you are just not in the right place – you know it. If you really listen to the information your body is broadcasting you can see that you are not comfortable doing what you’re doing, you’re looking longingly at something else you want to do and it doesn’t feel good in your body to get up each day and do something you are not enjoying. Sure in every job there are tasks that are not the most exciting thing to do in the world but overall we feel on purpose or “on fire,” as some would say. With local elections coming up I have just been reading the thoughts of the 2 ODT reporters who sit in on the Council meetings. It was interesting to see one of them comment about a present councillor, “…so the question has to be asked: Why is he bothering?” Sometimes we could ask that of a lot of people around us, who we can see are not getting a lot out of life, but could others ask that about you?

Why are you bothering to get out of bed each morning and doing what you are doing? Do you feel like you are the hamster on the wheel going through the motions even though you are very aware of a vision that feels so much more empowering to you? Have you sat down and examined where you would like the direction of your life to head? This would be a great start. Sometimes we have had it so strongly ingrained in us that we are to do a certain thing with our life, that we haven’t allowed ourselves the ‘luxury’ of dreaming of a different life. But, I hear you say I can’t do that because….. Life is full of choices and if you want to listen to that voice and stay where you are, that is your choice and unless I’m living with you that’s not really going to reflect a lot on my life. But if you were to fast forward to your deathbed and look back at your life are you going to feel YEEAH I did everything I set out to do? Only you can answer that. If the answer is, “No,” do you think your life is going to feel successful? So what steps can you take today towards that dream of success on your terms.

Enjoy feeling successful!

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