What Thought Seeds Are You Planting in the Universe?

“Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious.”  Bill Meyer.

The energy waves that come from our body when we think, can be measured.  The universe is a fertile ground for those thought seeds to germinate in.  Our thoughts also create emotions & actions which ultimately influence the result from our thoughts whether they are good or bad.

If you spend most of your days thinking negative thoughts about your circumstances, the world & the people who come into your life, you will see a pattern in your life that is negative & limiting.  However if you spend most of your days thinking positive, productive thoughts about what is presenting in your life, you will see more productive & rewarding results.  The choice is yours. If we look at this scientifically, there is a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System that is constantly trying to find a match to your thoughts to confirm what you are thinking is correct. So it will search for the negative or positive results depending on what you are thinking. It will find that reality so you can say, “See I told you that happens to me!”

Each day this week, pay attention to what you are thinking.  What are your thoughts about your job, your friends, your colleagues, your income, your family members etc?  Take time to write them down, so that you can see clearly the patterns that are developing.  If your thoughts are continually negative, do your best to focus on intentionally choosing positive thoughts, just as you choose what to eat & wear each day.  Take note of how you feel in your heart or your body when you are positive & what shows up as a result. We should be aiming to feel good. In light of what has happened in Christchurch in the past few days we need to focus on our thoughts of compassion and love for the victims and their families as opposed to the hate for the perpetrator. We don’t want that energy of hate to be going out into the world, it doesn’t serve anyone. We can influence that by looking for the good in everything that is happening around us. The choice is yours. Think about it!

Enjoy choosing to be positive and looking for the good in everything!

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