What Would You Like Help With?

“When smart people are stuck, they ask for help.”  Steve Jobs

Some people would consider that they are showing some sort of ignorance to the world if they asked for help. Others have developed a sense that they don’t need help from other people. Often of course we don’t actually know what we don’t know and therefore don’t reach out for the help we need. Here in New Zealand we are very proud of our DIY attitude to life, but sometimes that can also be our Achilles heel. This can definitely be the case with our own personal development. There is a saying, “that we can’t see the picture if we’re in the frame.”

We can buy a personal development book or a programme and we can understand intellectually what the author is saying, but when it comes to integrating the new practices into our own lives we’re not always sure where to start. Often a good friend can see the things in us that we would benefit from changing but we stay stuck in our old patterns because we don’t ask for the one little clue that could help us improve our relationships at work, with family and friends. What is it going to take you to ask for help from your limiting beliefs and patterns?

Enjoy connecting with another human being by asking for help!

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