What’s in a Movie?

I want to talk this week about a movie rather than a quote. Last night I went to the movie, “Inside Out.” I probably wouldn’t have gone if it hadn’t been recommended, because it is an animated movie. Although I can appreciate the skill, I’m not usually a fan of turning up to an animated movie. However this one had been suggested from within a group where I am learning more skills and information to help me be a better coach. The film looks at some emotions and how they govern our streams of consciousness and colour our memories of the past. Five main emotions are portrayed in the life of an eleven year old girl.

It was interesting that ‘Joy’ was focused on as being the answer to all her problems. I have concerns that society seems to feel uncomfortable if we are anything other than bright, bubbly and happy. It’s as though sadness, fear and anger etc should be hidden away. I liked the way the film addresses this and shows support for the work being done at the Institute of Heartmath and others. Scientific studies are showing how emotions organise rather than disrupt our thinking processes and guide our perceptions of the world. It is through the child’s ability to get in touch with one of these ‘negative’ emotions that she is able to move into a new way of approaching her life.

If you enjoy embracing these sorts of concepts, I recommend that you go to the movie and allow your thought processes to go on a journey that the producers and directors created for us to enjoy.

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