“When People Are Determined They Can Overcome Anything.”

“When people are determined they can overcome anything.”   Nelson Mandala

And he should know, one would think. He certainly overcame a lot of political resistance in South Africa to become the first black President. He spent 27 years in prison for his beliefs around non-apartheid and political offences. That shows pretty strong determination to ‘stick to his guns.’ Are you aware of times when your own determination has got you what you wanted, maybe not straight away but definitely worked at some point? There is a Universal Law called the ‘Law of Gender,’ which states that everything that comes into existence has a timeline. For example we all know roughly how long a baby seed takes to grow in the womb until birth. We know how long a carrot seed takes but we don’t always know how long our ideas, seeds, take to come to fruition. We can get impatient and stop having faith in our idea to work out.

I have talked regularly about having gratitude for things and people in our lives on a daily basis. Have I also impressed on you that having gratitude for something that hasn’t materialized yet is showing faith that we know it will, it is just a matter of time. Does that sound like something you are familiar with? Do you think that if you stayed determined in your belief, that what you wanted was going to happen, it would manifest when the time is right? The fact that it hasn’t manifested yet does not mean it isn’t going to, but yes you do have to play your part, be determined, have faith and believe that you can overcome any obstacles.

Enjoy overcoming anything with determination!

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