When Will You Start Loving?

“You have no guarantee of tomorrow.  If you want to express love, you had better do it now.”  Rick Warren

Do you like being told you are loved?  By your ‘other half,’ your parents, your children?  Do you tell your loved ones how much you love & appreciate them? How grateful you are for them just being them?  Does it feel awkward to do that?  Perhaps you think they already know, that you don’t have to tell them. Have they done something that you are having trouble to forgive them for. This may need to be your first step. This is not about trying to forget, it is about letting go so that you can move on.

Are you aware that there are different ways to show your love for someone & that we are not all the same.  Some people go to a lot of trouble to find the right gift, others like to do physical jobs or make things for those they love & yet others just like to cuddle & hug.  Have you noticed the different ways those around you like to show their love & in turn have you love them?

As the quote says, none of us knows what tomorrow brings so get your own psychic income by showing your loved ones how much you love & appreciate them.

Enjoy showing your love TODAY!

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