Which of Your Habits is Distracting You From Your Dreams?

“In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia, until we ultimately become enslaved by it.”   Robert Heinlein

We’ve known for years that if we write our goals down we are more likely to achieve them. This is partially to do with the part of the brain that is activated with the act of writing something down. Another part to it is how emotionally attached we are to the idea. Energetically we harness the Laws of the Universe to attract things that are energetically aligned with what we are working towards. Although writing them down makes the process more likely to attract our goals, the act of believing in the outcome is the most powerful factor! However, sitting around and expecting it to happen doesn’t work on its own.

The daily trivia that Robert Heinlein is speaking of, are the behaviours that we do on a daily basis that are not moving us towards our goals. For example, the habit of going into our inbox or facebook more than we know we should. Life coaching is about helping people to move forwards to their goals. Often it isn’t as simple as choosing to change our habits, just like a smoker trying to give up that habit. It can be about finding out what your beliefs are that are not allowing you to align with your dreams, to take the steps you know will take you forward if only you could get yourself to take them. This can be an insidious process. We don’t realise what we are doing until we look back and see what we have and haven’t done to achieve our plans. Sometimes there are perceived benefits to sidestepping the new habits and sticking to the old ones. What are you doing or not doing on a regular basis that is sabotaging your attempts to get to your goal? What are your beliefs that are creating those habits?

Enjoy reflecting on your habits!

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