Who Are You?

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”  Anon

Have you ever thought about whether you are spreading light around you.  Light is a form of energy and as I’ve said many times in the past we are all energy, in fact everything in the universe is energy.  Are you aware of whether you are spreading light authentically from the core of who you have been since conception or are you putting out a persona to the world that is a mixture of the conditioning you have received over the years form parents, teachers, siblings and friends.  Or maybe you are now be dancing to the tune of your life partner and not allowing your own inner glow to show through.

Do you have some quiet time each day that has been put aside for you alone?  A time to get to know who you really are under the masks  and costumes  that you allow the world to see.   A time to have a conversation and ask questions of the part of you that knows all the answers for you, for your highest good.   Being around my 2 year old grand daughter using the word ‘mine,’ reminds me that we all have a ‘mine’ authentic being, hiding behind the face we are choosing to show to the world.

Enjoy shining your authentic light!   Robyn


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