Would You Consider Business to be an Art?

“Business is an art, which you can master if you work from the heart and work with love.”  Venus

Back in the ‘80s the mind was recognised as having a huge part to play in our physical and emotional lives.  The connection between body, mind and spirit became the catch word.  The conscious mind is what we need on a daily basis to make decisions and work us through the reasoning process.  However the more subconscious part is operating on automatic in the background, having remembered everything you have done or had done to you.  When these messages have been repeated enough times we become conditioned to believing the ‘lies’ we have been told over the years and we often operate from its instructions.

The heart is a powerful connection between our physical bodies and the universal mind or spirit with a much bigger body of knowledge to operate from.  If we listen to its directions, we may make different decisions than those based on what has happened in the past.  It is important for us, in both our personal lives and our careers, to let the heart lead the way.  If we are truly loving what we do, and follow our hearts, we will find that we don’t have to push so hard for things to happen.  Just like an artist or a musician, who is working at their passion ‘in the zone,’ life will flow in a direction that our conditioned minds may have never thought of.

Enjoy getting out of your heads and into your hearts!

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