Would you Rather be Dead?

“The good thing about pain is that it means you are still alive.”  Unknown

As a physiotherapist I am working with people with pain all the time. I’m sure they wouldn’t agree with this quote. On the surface they are suffering from the more physical pain. They would probably believe that pain is something to be endure, that they wish it would all go away, that it’s not fair.  If we don’t get on top of it quickly they start to get depressed and suffer from the more mental and emotional type of pain. This response is probably tapping into their past relationship with pain. They may become one of the victims of life.

Recently I had a lady come to see me in her 80s. She has pain that dominates everything she does in life, but she wasn’t going to let that drag her down or spoil her relationships, even with me. She gave me the facts, she acknowledged me as a person, she went away leaving me feeling good. I learnt very early in my career that I can’t ‘cure’ everyone. It was a hard lesson, as I came into the profession believing that I could. Sometimes I can still feel bad that I’m not God. Despite all her pain this woman was not going to put the whole responsibility for her healing on to me & for that I’m grateful. At the end of the day if we have pain of any sort we may need to change our perspective to get a different sort of healing than the one I provide physically.

Enjoy choosing how you want to look at your life!

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