Wounds Let the Light in

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”  Rumi

I have chosen this quote in response to an experience I had yesterday at a seminar entitled, “Face Reading and Diagnosis – the Psychological and Emotional Underlay of Disease.”  This was run by a Chinese American woman and was marketed for acupuncturists which of course I am.  I did wonder about the wisdom of attending from the point of view of the financial aspect and the time to add into an already busy calendar.  But I have to say the price of admission and the time taken was priceless in terms of what I gained in the knowledge about myself.

We are being nudged from the universe all the time about steps we could take, but often the beliefs about all sorts of things get in the way. If you feel a strong emotional connection, that is often the way we are being given a directive to take a step in that particular direction.  The wounds of our lives can be read on the face (yes in the lines and wrinkles).  Rather than cursing these wounds, we should be seeing them as a gift, so that the light can shine onto an otherwise hidden aspect of ourselves.  This can give us a new understanding.  For me it was something that happened when I was 27 and I’m now able to see it as a whole new experience.  Next time you get a ‘calling’ to go to a seminar or workshop, or have some coaching, think about what might be in there for you rather than all the reasons why you should NOT go.

Enjoy letting in the Light!   Robyn

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