Write Your Story with Passion

“You have entire story to tell and no one can tell it quite like you.”  Byron Embry

Just like an author who is writing a book, we can change our story at any time.  As humans we have a mind that can alter the outcome of our lives.  Your life is full of lessons, experiences, good and bad.  Behind all of them is a powerful message that you are meant to share with the world that could leave an impression on someone that could change their life.  This could be as simple as being a good daughter, sibling, or parent.  How you handle life’s setbacks could be an inspiration to others.  What is it for you?

Imagine a book on the desk in front of you with the pages on the left all written, and the pages on the right all blank, waiting for you to make a decision about what you would like to be writing and who your audience might be.  Just sit for a moment and visualise what you would like to be written on those pages.  What would that life look and feel like?  The feeling tone is really the important part. We influence the universe by the strength of the thoughts and feelings that are going out in a wave form from our body. So let’s put out what we want not what we don’t want and see those pages filling up with inspiring stories.

Enjoy writing your story!

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