You Are Number 1

“Do not look for sanctuary in anyone except yourself.”

This is very meaningful for me today. Last weekend I had a situation where I was approached and my initial reaction was, “I don’t trust you.” However after some sweet talking, my mind put its comments into the equation and over road my instincts. As it turns out my instincts were probably spot on. I then felt unsafe and insecure and felt like, “Who can I trust?” Of course I could start with my own intuition.

I wrote that first paragraph last week and had to have my computer checked over since the hackers had got into it. Sweet talkers they were but my intuition knew. So here I am a week later starting again. And would you believe it I had another situation when I couldn’t get through a locked door and no one seemed to know where the key was. Call it crazy but I had had an intuitive hit a few days earlier to get a key cut for myself. Did I do it? I was locked out wasn’t I! It’s time for me to listen to myself. Yes take into consideration what others are saying but ultimately I am the CEO of my own life. I am where the buck stops.

Enjoy being the CEO of your life!  

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