You Didn’t Did You?

“Instead of being afraid to start a new chapter in your life, be as excited as you are when reading a really good book and want to know what happens next.”

I remember the first time I left home I realised that I was on a new chapter of my life, leaving all the things I had known & most of my friends.  I remember only the excitement at that time as I hopped  on to the train with a good friend to head north, over Cook Strait and on to Hamilton, to do our final year of training.  The next year I was heading to the West Coast of the South Island.  This was different.  I was on my own and going to a place that no one else wanted to go to.  They all felt sorry for me and the name of Greymouth, was reflected in the weather & the piles of coal dumped on peoples lawns.  I now had a position of responsibility as a new staff member, the welcome was warm and it wasn’t long before the positive anticipation returned.  I only had a year there before I moved on yet again.

Of course there were challenges to face in each new place, in each new chapter, but we all need challenges to grow.  We wouldn’t get beautiful pearls if they weren’t challenged by the irritating sand. We would never see the full beauty of the rose if it didn’t grow and open from the bud into full bloom.  As we turn each page we are getting nearer to the end, nearer to finding out what characters we have chosen to move through the story with, what exciting opportunities and events we have included and how we feel as we develop along the way.  Of course the doubts and fears can try to distract us from our path, but do you really want that to stop you from growing into the best you can be before the book ends, and finding out what happens next?

Enjoy creating the story of your life!

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